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ancient ram
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Category: Ghost Hunts

The Ancient Ram Inn – Vigils & Seance £69 – 1st July

The Ancient Ram Inn, Potters Pond, Wooton-under -Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 7HF VIGILS  & SEANCE  at the notorious  and ghoulish ANCIENT RAM INN, Gloucestershire.   So much has been said about this venue it has to be on your ‘must-do’ list.  Demonology, witches, child sacrifice, poltergeist activity and up to 20 ghostly...  Read More »

woodchester mansion
Category: Ghost Hunts

Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt – 18th November £69

Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt takes you to the boundaries of your fears, the deserted haunted house mansion lies in a remote, dark and haunted valley and offers probably the closest experience to a "movie-like" ghost hunt. Secluded, away from civilisation and an empty haunted house - it really doesn't get any scarier! Woodchester Mansion Ghost...  Read More »

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